Users are requested to abide and comprehend with all the applicable laws, terms and conditions in respect to the Online Shop UAE, cyber law, community regulations and security protocols of the country. Do not mislead, promote or regulate any information from the portal, to the portal and of the portal that could violate the system regulations, hurt the sentiments of any individual, group(s), organization(s) or corporate(s). Online Shop UAE does not hold nor aims in any sort of supply and support against any of the crime, faulty activities, spamming, cheating and abusive or any of the above-stated violation. By reading this you are fully acknowledged that browsing our site and being online with us at our portal, you are bound to these Terms and Condition stated as Our Standard Policy. In any case, you are not willing to agree with the Terms and Conditions – you may leave the portal immediately and avoid its use. Moreover, by ordering a Product from our portal Online Shop UAE, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Please select the following key fields below to recognize and acknowledge the policies, rights and terms to your understanding. For any misconduct, suggestion, feedback you may write to us anytime at We appreciate your efforts, value your time and interest in making Online Shop UAE to be your best chosen shopping portal.

Consumer Responsibilities

1. Understand product warranties, guarantees, origin, storage, expiry and the method of use prior to making a purchase

2. Request a receipt from the seller and ensure that the details on the receipt are correct. Receipts should be kept for your records

3. For products with an extended lifespan, ensure that you understand the details of the after-sales services and warranties.

Sellers Responsibilities

  • Avoid misleading advertising and provide consumers with accurate information about the goods and services
  • Policies regarding refunds, replacement, repair or rework for defective or damaged products and/or incomplete services should be clear
  • Goods and services should be presented with clear information in Arabic and any other language in addition to displaying prices in UAE currency (Dirham)
  • All consumers should be provided with a dated detailed receipt.
  • Sellers of used or repaired goods should label the product condition visibly and clearly
  • Offer products with valid guarantees and warrantees
  • Services providers have to guarantee service quality for a period of time. If services are not carried out with due care, the service must be provided again for free or refunded
  • Ensure that employees knowledge is compatible with the range of products and services offered


Online Shop UAE is facilitated to provide all our users and buyers a portable, mobile based, easy to use, and fully accessible online store that helps our user to buy, shop, choose and share the deals and offers in clicks online. Shopping made easy is a mere foundation of all the thoughts that comprises to make Online Shop UAE one of the best online portal in the region and worldwide. Online Shop UAE is where shopping is trend.

Use of Portal

Our portal can be viewed and browsed through any internet compatible device. Our site is mobile-based, easy to comply, understand, and a user-friendly interface. We have an active and secure user account profiling, by which every user gets an opportunity to save, track, and browse for recent transactions. Users are requested to use the website with the motive of shopping only, the hacker(s), spammer(s), or filtrating users(s) who crop, fake, copy, destroy or attempt to infringe information will be charged and taken severe action as per country cyber and civil law. Please be aware that your IP addresses, the location of browsing, your name of the Computer and the browser information are being tracked to maintain security and safety control. Do not use the portal for any illegal affairs or such motive that could be regarded as a punishable offense. A user must be an adult or a mature person who can read, write and understand the terms and condition and acknowledges it. Registration of user is not mandatory to make a purchase. The buyer can use a guest profile to make purchases too. Shipping / Billing address and the mandatory fields are required to execute the transaction. A user may close the browser and review the last seen products through MY RECENT QUEST option at the homepage. For any complaint(s), suggestion(s) or query you may email us at

Intellectual Property Rights

All contents on the Online Shop UAE websites are owned and fully privileged under ownership rights of Online Shop UAE. Media files, images or video of the products appearing on the site are usually 2nd Party provision or as marketed on the internet by the supplier. We do not own them, we utilize towards the sale of their products/brands. You may not strictly use any Online Shop UAE trademark, logo, or other proprietary information without our consent, including the use of such information in links, Meta tags, or hidden text. Any use of these Online Shop UAE’s intellectual property on another website or for commercial purposes is prohibited unless authorized in writing by Online Shop UAE.

General Purchase

It is 100% up to the choice of the customer if willing to buy the product via our Portal. Online Shop UAE does not push, forces or snap any customer(s) and client(s) to buy via our site. It is the customer’s sole decision on making purchase. Off course, Online Shop UAE can help and assist in any sort of refund(s), return(s) and exchange(s) based on applied policy. But in event of getting intimated with offers and promotions at our site we do not acknowledge any claims. It is the customers right to purchase, right to choose, right to identify, right to read the terms and conditions, and right to demand for size, color, or any specifications and attributes that comes along with the product or as stated with the product in stock and its availability to purchase. Online Shop UAE does not sell any intangible product or ideas that could cost, effect or create loss over the customers end. Everything at Online Shop UAE is sold at a price and the products that are free are listed in zero pricing or named as FOC.

Offers & Promotions

All the deals and promotions are subjected to be launched and discontinued as per the choice and policies of Online Shop UAE. There remains no caution, limits on Online Shop UAE in the processing of such offers and promotions. Online Shop UAE understands the consequences of loss and profits in such manners. We encourage the market and customers to react and act accordingly by creating sales, schemes, giveaways or any FOC. All the goods are bought by us, distributed by us intentionally on request and purchases made by our clients and customers online. All the loss and equity held on the supply and delivery of the product remains our sole business. Online Shop UAE can change, swap or regularize any promotions and offers at any time, without any consent of the customers. Only our registered members shall be notified via email for any updates and general information as required.

Credit Purchases / Installment Plans

Online Shop UAE personally does not work on credit cycle, lending or barter trading concepts. We have simply linked with Banks and their products facilitation via our payment gateways, by which a respective user/buyer can claim and contact their banks for credit and installment plans mentioning the transaction number or receipt information. In such cases, Online Shop UAE is not responsible solely or indirectly towards payments and management of credit facilitation for any purchases, its application, its approval or qualifying for installment plan made via our portal. We only advertise or encourage users for an option that could assist our users to pay in equal installment via their bank accounts or their obtained credit cards. Online Shop UAE holds no commission or brokerage over it.


Online Shop UAE currently operates with the currency of the United Arab Emirates “Dirhams” only. We accept purchases in dollars, pounds, dinar or any currency but in equivalency conversion to the UAE Dirhams – AED only. You may use our payment gateway at our site to process and accept regional and worldwide approved debit and credit card for online purchases in any currency at an instant conversion for Dirhams. The Pricing is a complete utility factor of our site, and we are solely responsible for loss or profit at it. We abide by the market pricing factors, product perspective, and buyer needs. We do not charge too much over the market prices and existing prices for the product, definitely considering the competition we are keen at giving the best possible pricing to our customers. We do not fake over pricing. All our prices are inclusive of  VAT. We do not surcharge or apply any hidden charges. You may refer COST & COMPLIANCE for more information. All the rate cards for shipping and delivery are also mentioned in clear written formats. Prices of the products may change or switch according to the market, shuffle, shortage or demand of the supply. The increase and decrease of prices are a sole right of Online Shop UAE. It is the customer’s decision end of the day to decide over the purchase. We do not bind any compulsion or threat for our customer to purchase at our stated prices at Online Shop UAE.

Cost & Compliances

(Zero) No minimum amount of a purchase to complete an order – meaning you can now purchase any XYZ amount of goods and get it delivered at your doorstep.

AED10/- Convenience Fee on orders below AED 500, orders more than AED 500/- have no convenience fee applied. Convenience Fee is the overall processing and arrangement charges of your order allowing you for a comfortable shopping experience.

Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping is applicable only via coupons or as stated on the product. It is applicable in the United Arab Emirates only. The items in free shipping mode will be delivered as per the allotted days of normal shipping – which is Saturday and Wednesday of the week, depending on availability and confirmation made with Online Shop UAE. Normal Shipping refers to local shipping all over United Arab Emirates – with a starting minimum cost of AED 20/-*. This implies to the product to be shipped in any of the following Saturday or Wednesday of the week, depending on availability and confirmation made with Online Shop UAE. Remember, in order to avail normal shipping kindly pause a day gap for processing. Excluding Fridays and Public Holidays.

*Shipping of certain items implies additional cost due to extra care and handling. Hence we have categorized items as per categories which will add additional of minimum charge in normal shipping.

Express Shipping refers to instant / same day delivery / or charges taken to import product from other countries (within 4 days). The charges are fixed and standard all over United Arab Emirates – with a minimum starting cost of AED 100/-*. Express shipping is a privileged mode of shipping to our customers. Please note that depending on the availability and confirmation made with Online Shop UAE also excluding Fridays and Public Holidays.

*Shipping of certain items implies additional cost due to extra care and handling. Hence we have categorized items as per categories which will add additional of minimum charge in express shipping. Example: For a 1000 liter refrigerator, the express shipping will imply (AED 100)  + (AED 100 – Extra Handling Fee) = Total of AED 200/-

Delivery & Installation

Heavy Goods: Products such as Television, Refrigerators, Furniture, Air Condition and etc that requires dual manpower for fixing and installation comes under heavy goods category. The standard charge of delivery and installation for Heavy Goods are AED 300/-

Medium Goods: Products such as Glass Tables, Chairs, Wooden Table, Frames, Racks, Small Furniture, electrical appliances and etc that requires minimal manpower for fixing and installation comes under medium goods category. The standard charge of delivery and installation for Medium Goods are AED 200/-

Purchase Order

Client(s) are notified instantly by an email or a confirmation call for the purchases made at Online Shop UAE. Kindly bear and coordinate with us on the same. Due to any late response, kindly do not panic. You may contact our customer service by email. Notification of orders via email or call is mandatory and this is definitely not a spam service. It is a chain of security purposes to identify the client if he/she has made the purchase(s), to validate the information along with it and to obtain final confirmation in regards to the order(s) issued. In case the notifications from our portal are missed/spammed/blocked or unreachable, or certainly our calls are avoided then the order will be put on hold, awaiting a cancellation within the time limit of 48hours with no prior prompt. In certain case, if the customer pays instantly via card or bank transfer, where the Online Shop UAE is the beneficiary for its receipt, then the order will not be canceled until it is delivered or requested to cancel by the buyer itself.

Invoice(s) / Proof of Purchase(s)

Yes, for all your purchases at, the Invoice – a document/proof of purchase is provided. The Step is easy and simple: On Purchase, an Order number is issued. Invoices/Tax Invoices are then generated in reference of those order numbers, stating all the relevant purchase(s), date of transaction, number of quantity purchased, TRN (Tax Registration Number), Addressed to, Assisted From, Our Contact Details, Net Total, Discount (if any), mode of payment, Sum Total in Numbers and Words, and dedicated barcode and serial number. In case of return(s), exchange(s), or refund(s) you need to present the proof of purchase – being the mandatory document. Please note that once the invoice is issued, after the order confirmation, the invoice bearer is liable to pay the full sum of the amount as per stated in the invoice. In case of refunds and cancellation, a credit note, cancellation letter, invoice or any documents issued from Online Shop UAE stating the reason will be used and hence can be kept as proof of claim. For any queries, immediate notification, or discussion email us at

User Account(s)

Please be informed that the User Accounts registered, activated or being used at are the sole property of Online Shop UAE, which means we can delete, discontinue or block if any of the SPAMMERS, UNWANTED ACTIVISTS, or any user who is intended to cause a damage, troll, duplicate, advertise wrong content, harm or attempt for any violations and illegal acts. The User Accounts are provided for members utility to have a track record, control and maintain private credentials with our portal. With the help of Customer Accounts, our user can secure their previous purchase history, update their information, update passwords, addresses, payment options, communicate with us, and avail absolute discounts.

To register the account, the authentication of the email address is mandatory. Moreover few of the star marked details asked are mandatory as well. But the email address serves as the main format of recovery, backup and reset tool. The registration of the account is permissible for a mature person, an adult, or someone who is capable of understanding the terms and conditions and abiding by it. Every user is responsible solely and fully for their account access, use or misuse. So kindly log out of your profile after use. In event of any mishap, you may report to us immediately. Product reviews and comments, ratings at the site is approvable by the administrator, but concerning the fact that the dedicated account user has posted it. Anyone else acting on your behalf remains your responsibility.

We do not sell, advertise or intent of sharing your information stored with us. If someone merely approaches you selling account information, or asking you for money or any sort of monetary transaction to process, register your account with our portal, kindly ignore it. All account registration at is absolutely free and we do not charge or barter it for trade.

In case of any user willing to cancel, modify or deactivate or report a hazard, event or death of the relevant account holder can write an email to us at

Our Products

You are buying an Online Shop UAE Product, if you are on the respective product page and you do make purchases in order to avail the offers or the products, please agree to the fact that no one has forced you to buy the product from our portal, it has been your intention and your choice to visit, browse and purchase product online. Any liability or consequences of payable charges or payment relevant to the purchase will be subjected under your account and you are liable to pay it. We do not force, encounter or pressurize anyone to purchase at our site. All our products – branding and promotions are fully under law compliance.

Fixing & Installation

Online Shop UAE denotes fixing and installation charges at some of our products – which can be payable during the checkout process. It is absolutely a choice of the customer if he/she is willing to pay the necessary charges. Fixing and Installation service is a privileged service to our customers on certain products that require additional manpower. Products such as Refrigerator, Television, Air Conditioner, Furniture etc. As per the categories and product items, we have detailed the pricing for fixing and installation. Please note that there is no free delivery, fixing and installation of the product unless mentioned or stated, or used via coupon or discount provided at Online Shop UAE to the purchaser. This service includes normal shipping or express shipping of the product as selected by the customer during purchase. For more details contact our customer service support or refer COST & COMPLIANCES to know more.

Shipping Policy

Online Shop UAE is keen at delivering goods at your doorstep to provide you hassle-free shopping experience. We have involved our team of professionals to expertise the orders and deliver it on time. We have a Normal and Express mode of shipping, which can be selected by a user during checkout. Free Shipping is applicable only for the goods that have been stated with or via a coupon or promotional discount. You may refer COST & COMPLIANCE to know more about shipping and its cost.

Please be informed that in case of any refund(s), return(s), or exchange(s) – the shipping, delivery and installation cost are absolutely non-refundable. Only if the order is placed and canceled before it is dispatched or before confirmation on call for delivery, then the charges are applicable for complete refund. In such cases, as soon as the order is placed, we give a call for confirmation and appointment of delivery – so as to assure the client’s intention of purchase. Contrary, when the goods arrive and are not taken or accepted by the client, only the value of the product that is returned back to the customer, excluding the shipping charges. For any further requests, claims or details you may email us at

Return(s), Refund(s) or Exchange(s) Policy

  • A proof of purchase, Invoice, purchase order, coupons, documents such as credit note or any authorized notifications provided to the customer in the name of Online Shop UAE is a must to facilitate refund(s), return(s) and exchange(s). In case of mismanagement or failure to present any such documents, you may send us an email to assist you further.
  • Return(s), refund(s) & Exchange(s) are acceptable only within 14 days from the date of purchase or delivery.
  • 100% Return(s), Exchange(s) & Refund(s) are accepted for goods that are non-wearable and have not been unsealed with packing.
  • Items purchased with Cash, Credit Card, Coupons, Gifts or vouchers are all applicable under this policy.
  • Goods that falls under “Personal Hygiene” such as Cosmetics, Undergarments, Socks, Inner wears, biological products (pads, tissues etc), skin care products (cream, lotion, deodorant, trimmers, shavers, epilators etc), food items and any disposable items(razors, cups, plates, spoons etc) are totally non-recommendable and won’t be accepted under return(s) and exchange(s) policy.
  • Order placed within the same day and have not been delivered, are applicable for instant return(s), the refund(s) and exchange(s) too.
  • You can return any product that you’re not happy with apart from those that fall under our non-return policy.
  • Exchange(s) of the items are applicable when the size, color, quality, options of the product as specified are not as per your liking or selection. You may also upgrade, downgrade or shift your purchase to another commodity at Online Shop UAE, under exchange policy.
  • Some of the Electronics goods that are concealed with a barcode, plastic wraps, seal or stickers that comes along from the manufacturer or the supplier must not be opened, tampered, broken in order to qualify for the return(s).
  • Refunds of the amount inclusive of VAT will be made to the purchasers authorized bank account, or via a Credit Wallet in his/her account  or additional purchase on our portal, via Cash if amount falls below AED 500, or else will redirect the payment to the same Credit/Debit Card that was used during purchase.
  • Items should be in a good condition and along with its original packing.
  • Kindly do not tear, scratch the barcode labeled in an item or dismantle any packaging contents.
  • Items should be presented back in the same brand box you received.
  • As soon as we receive your query, we will facilitate to pick up the item from your doorstep.
  • Please note that shipping charges or express delivery charges, installation charges are absolutely non-refundable, such services are exempted from Return(s). Refund(s) and Exchange(s) policy. This refund, return and exchange policy is applicable only for tangible goods and commodities purchased at Online Shop UAE for which the proof of purchase is mandatory.
  • Your credit will reflect back within 3-5 official working days after the item is collected back. The time allotted may differ as per the bank working hours and processing time. We will notify you of any hindrances or else you may contact our support anytime.
  • In case of refund(s) via credit wallet, you can utilize your credit in any amount to purchase anything from Online Shop UAE. For adjustments, due to cash and card payment along with credit wallet we can assist you as well. For example, the refund credit you availed is AED100/-, and you would like to buy an item for AED130/-, we can credit AED100/- and you will be able to pay only a balance of AED30/-, during the checkout process.
  • Customers can notify us about the item which you wish to return, apply refund or exchange through an email at or call us on our customer service assistance number +971 4 255 2 666 to initiate the process.

Dispute Resolution

We assure our customers to dedicate host and management of your services and orders. In any kind of dispute, immoral behavior, personal arguments, complaints or unprofessional service and assistance please feel free to write to us and submit your feedback. Kindly giving us chance to serve your better. You may follow up your complaints, disputes, suggestions with our customer service assistance.

Modes of Payment

We have absolutely made it easier and affordable for all our clients to enjoy shopping at Online Shop UAE. Modes of payments such as Cash on Delivery, Swipe Card on Delivery, Credit / Debit card Purchase on Portal, Bank Transfer via Western Union etc. are fully applicable to use on our portal. We have kept in mind technology along with secure, safe and easy methods for convenience to our clients. You can also use Apple pay, Samsung / Android Pay to facilitate the transaction in clicks.

Bank Account Details: For Western Union / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit / Advance Payment
Beneficiary : ATIK MULLA
IBAN : AE470 34 000 35 77 66 423 8001

*Please do not forget to email us ( the transfer receipt or deposit confirmation along with your Order ID or Invoice Number to update and process your order.

Also note that the mode of payment may differ to different items depending on their value and mass.


Order Cancellation Policy

  • Orders issued are subjected to its cancellation by both the parties a user and by Online Shop UAE itself.
  • A user have the ability to cancel the order from their dashboard and request for it immediately before the items are dispatched.
  • Once the order has dispatched / arrived at destination to the client and the customer’s intention towards the goods have changed, not willing to accept, or not of the demand – then the customer is applicable for the shipping charges only and the refund of the face value of goods will be processed either to their wallet or respective mode of payment used.
  • As soon as the order is cancelled, the funds are transferred back to the wallet on his/her account, where the client gets an additional option to purchase a new product or adjust from his/her wallet anytime.
  • Order cancellation subject to Online Shop UAE and is limited to when the customer hasn’t responded with confirmation, the mobile number and email address provided is fake, and if the delivery information is incomplete. We do wait for 3-4 official working days until the confirmation is made, hence the following week it is processed for cancellation.
  • The user panel is enabled with an option for every user to edit, modify and process Orders online with Online Shop UAE.
  • Please be informed that some orders to require pre-payment / advance, to confirm its facilitation, depending on its value and importance.
  • Do not fail to indicate the order number and invoice number must match to your provided information for its claim.
  • We do not provide fake forwarding or nuisance towards other purchase.
  • Kindly wait for our notification for dispatch, confirmation or any sort of query on order processing, confirming to its delivery.
  • For any inconvenience or delays to orders made, you may raise a query via email or customer service at

Privacy Policy

Online Shop UAE bears the right in protecting the privacy of personal information collected about users (the members, registered users or even of guests) visiting the portal ( “Personal Information” includes, but is not limited to, usage of data, along with the name, address, telephone number, shipping address and e-mail address of the Users only when required during the checkout process. Online Shop UAE serves the right to analyze and utilize the user data in order to work more effectively and in reference to their purchase order at our portal. Online Shop UAE works on optimizing the user experience and to present certain opportunities to the Users for their benefit. Online Shop UAE has adopted this Privacy Policy to inform the Users how it collects, stores, and uses Personal Information. Please be informed that Online Shop UAE does not intend to collect information in its business interests and involve in any malpractices or illegal supply of data and information. We assure on working in complete privacy and providing our users a safe and secure platform to enhance and overall shopping experience. Online Shop UAE may or may not update the portal from time to time, without any consent of the users. The user accounts are limited to the approval of Online Shop UAE and its permission.

Declaration: This is to declare that any personal Information and comments when posted by the user is held for approval, verification and saved with us for confirmation, as a database and record keeping of the customers. In addition to this, there is various other information necessary while making purchases, those data are not saved with us. These information is being used by the Bank for payment processing and we abide by all the terms and conditions hereof to maintain a secure and safe payment gateway to all our clients. We may ask you for Personal Information at other times, including by way of example, when you enter a contest or promotion sponsored by us, availing a Coupon, Discount or maybe when you complete surveys or other questionnaires, or when you send an e-mail to us. Whenever Online Shop UAE collects Personal Information we try to include a link to this Policy or state all our users to agree and accept the terms and conditions.

Cookies: are pieces of information that Online Shop UAE transfers to the hard drives of the Users for record-keeping purposes. Online Shop UAE may place Cookies with the Users visiting from advertising banners and hyperlinks on other websites to track the success of a particular advertising campaign or marketing program. In addition, may place Cookies with the Users to provide them with seamless access to the Web Sites, since storing their username and password in a Cookie eliminates the need to re-enter that information on every page. None of the security answers, passwords, credit card information, authentication codes, OTPs and various scripts are saved with us. Kindly do not share your credit / debit card number, bank account numbers , to any any link on the page arising as a popup while shopping. Only feed the necessary information at a secured channel of Checkout, gated by the bank authorization and confirmation to your purchase instantly. You may report any misuse or any fraudulent pages or pop-up arising during your shopping experience.

Safe | Secure | Certified

Please be informed that we are SSL certified and fully authenticated registered portal. All your information, data, address, payment transactions, records of purchases are fully secured and safe. We are insured from spammers, attackers and viruses that could damage, harm or destroy your data. In case of any fraudulent activity or misuse of banking information that takes place while your browsing , report it to us immediately and to your bank. You will obtain a complete security and claim, recovery towards any loss of funds or proxy of your private information will be taken care of.

Agree & Accept

This is to agree and acknowledge that being a user of our portal at our site, all the policies, terms and conditions have been read and clearly understood. It is also understood that Online Shop UAE will facilitate the protection and security of user data and will provide assistance to all its users at all time. Online Shop UAE takes it own sole responsibility and by its own choice relevant to updates, maintenance and regulatory working of the portal. For security reasons, will monitor all the users that are connected, guest users accessing the portal etc. The user hereby recognizes that the information, data and materials are constantly changing and may change over time without notice. The portal management makes every effort to ensure accuracy in writing and contents however Online Shop UAE cannot assume responsibility for errors or omissions or any connectivity or network issues for the same. Online Shop UAE reserves all the rights to terminate a user account without notice if there is any evidence of misuse of data , information or misconduct at our portal. Both the parties( and its users) will abide by all the terms and conditions as stated above and agreeing and confirming to its use.

Customer Service / Helpdesk

Regardless of your location, purchases queries of return and exchanges, for anything relevant to our portal and feedback necessities you can contact our Customer Services team immediately with any questions, comments or suggestions without affecting your statutory rights:

Customer Service / Helpdesk

Regardless of your location, purchases queries of return and exchanges, for anything relevant to our portal and feedback necessities you can contact our Customer Services team immediately with any questions, comments or suggestions without affecting your statutory rights:

How to reach our Customer Service Team:

Customer Services helpline for Online Shop UAE:

+971 4 255 2 666 (Open Sat-Thu 9am-6pm)
+971 58 57 60 901 (24×7 Helpline)

*Local call rates apply. Public Holiday & Fridays Excluded

E-mail for Online Shop UAE:

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